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Traditional Listing

The best way to sell a property at full price in Dallas and Fort Worth TX, where the property has at least 10% equity or more, is by listing your property with a licensed real estate agent. 

An agent can market your property through the MLS (multiple listing service) which is where 90% of people go to look for a property to purchase. Agents also have experience in pricing and marketing properties to sell. 

Of course some agents are much, much better than others, and it’s critical to choose the best one – namely one that has EXTENSIVE experience. Hiring an agent is like buying an insurance policy. When things go wrong (which is common in real estate) having the right one will save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Traditional Listing Example

In this example, the seller hired a realtor, the Realtor put the property on the MLS and marketed to buyers (who mostly found the property with the help of other realtors looking in the MLS). Several buyers looked at the property until one negotiated an offer resulting in a sale at 96% of fair market value (almost full price). The process likely took a significant amount of time, effort, negotiations, etc. but did result in a sale at a price approaching full market value.

Dallas Property Investors can recommend a Realtor to you if this is an option you wish to explore. We are part of a national network that buys and sells large volumes of properties. Our network has gone through the painstaking process of interviewing and even hiring scores of realtors, to determine who the VERY BEST ONES are, and we would be happy to refer these to you at no charge.

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