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    Services We Offer For Other Investors

    Off Market Properties

    DPI offers off market properties in Dallas TX for other investors

    Remodeling Services

    We offer Remodeling Services to other investors through our remodeling company Remodeling Services of Dallas, LLC. We are licenced contractors in most of the DFW Metroplex cities. We offer licenced contractors for all the trades a house needs to be fully remodeled; Electrical, Mecanical, Roof, Foundation, and Plumbing.

    Click here go to site to see the portafolio of remodeled houses in Dallas TX, or click here to see some of the flips we have completed in previews years.

    Staging Services

    We also offer staging Services to other investors in Dallas and surrounding cities to help them sell their house quicly. We have a large inventory of furniture and we have special packages to fit the budget of your project. Click here to see some of our staged houses. Contact us, we will be happy to give you a FREE consultation.

    Architectural Design

    Our team of architects with more that 15 years of experience, can offer you great design advice for your renovation and/or new construction project. High end or low end, we guarantee the best value for your project focusing on maximazing profits and minimizing cost.

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