How We Work


We are professionals, we are experienced and we want to help you! Dallas Property Investors uses non-traditional real estate techniques that are focused on the homeowner. Is that simple! Just follow this 5 step process.

Step 1; Contact Us

You can contact us using our automated form, leave your main contact information such as email and phone number. Your information is safe and we do not share it with anybody.

Step 2; Tell Us About Your Propery

You will be contacted so you can tell us about your property. We would ask you details such as number of years you have lived in the house, when do you need to move out, is it a rental or your own residence, etc. Then we will make an appointment to visit the property.

Step 3; We Will Make an Appointment

A qualified representative (Marco Pineda) will be visiting your property to make an evaluation of the repairs needed.

Step 4; We Will Make You An Offer

After reviewing your house, we will extend you a cash offer for your house with a valid contract. If offer is accepted, your house is literally sold! If you need time after closing to stay in the house we will granted it to you.

Step 5; Closing & Funding At Title Office

You will go to the title company to sign closing documents for the sell of your property, and you will receive your money by check.

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